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At Agarwal Medical Tourism, We connect you to the Top Hospitals and Doctors across India. We take complete care of our Patients right from Treatment plan, Travel & Accommodation to Post Treatment Care.
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Our Core Values

Our Mission

We fight the hardest conditions with hardest resources.

Our Vision

Help your most hard working muscle keep working.

Our Values

Not only the brain, but the whole neuro-system of your body.

Our Objective

Your teeth will be taken care of the best possible way

Why Choose Us?

End to End Solutions Agarwal Medical Tourism

End to End Solutions

Therefore offering comfort and peace of mind to you and your family.

Fast Response Agarwal Medical Tourism

Fast Response

We respond promptly for your medical needs through calls, emails or through website.

Personalized Treatment Agarwal Medical Tourism

Personalized Treatment

We share your enquiry with doctors and hospitals to get you a personalized quality treatment plan.

Certified Hospitals Agarwal Medical Tourism

Certified Hospitals

All our Hospitals are NABH certified that connects you to top-notch specialists helping you to make the right choice.

Our Team Members

Harsh Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Scott Richards


Dr. Linda Mei

General health

Lloyd Wright

Eye & ear

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